Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Wheaton College Parents' Weekend

Here we are arriving at a Wheaton public elementary where Miss B (Maggie) is student teaching!

Inside her 5th grade classroom just after school let out.

In her dorm room (same roommate 3 out of 4 years!) with 7 other friends in a house on campus.

Out for dinner at Thipi Thai restaurant in neighboring Glen Ellyn, IL.  

Football game (part of the official parents' weekend festivities) against Washington University 
(Wheaton won by 1 point with no time on the clock!)

Dinner with Maggie and her friends Emily and Hanna at their home kitchen, prepared and served with her mom, with her dad's finger (included in the photo ;Q)

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Happy All Hallows Eve ;D

This is our street a few days before Halloween

And here is the trick or treat booth at Grandma's house with Aunt Kristin

Clara and Josiah joined the Cleveland cousins and Uncle Seth in costume 
to canvas the neighborhood for pillow cases full of candy!

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Fall Family Scenes

Not quite a harvest moon, but pretty colors reflect below a white moon in a beautiful blue sky. 

Cleaning out the pumpkin is a necessary step to carving...

And roasting the pumpkin seeds!

Beautiful 60 degree day for a hike in Cuyahoga Valley National Park
with "Aunt and Uncle K"

Around some beautiful geological formations at "Ledges"

This pretty hike is only about 5 or 6 minutes from Josiah and Clara's school

Johanna with her Calvin college roommate at a country-themed concert.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Fall Break in Michigan

We found a place to stay at the Richard Bush Renewal Center in Bannister, MI

Which is about 90 minutes from Calvin, where Johanna is 1/4 through her freshman year.

We enjoyed walking around the campus together on cool day.

And seeing her dorm room, and her cool cowboy hat ;D

We loved our visit to her vibrant church, with great hymn worship and preaching.

Waiting for pizza at Foo-G's in Elsie, MI not far from where we stayed.  

Can you spot the cultural icon behind us here at the Old Goat restaurant in Grand Rapids? 

Clara Turns 16!

We celebrated with dinner out to Cracker Barrel! Clara ordered hot chocolate. 

Mercifully, they didn't sing to her, but gave coke cake and ice cream dessert!

Mom and Aunt Kristin join in the fun.  

Opening presents with the family...

and custom ordered cake made for a memorable time...

Monday, September 25, 2023

CVCA Homecoming

Classmates since kindergarten, 
Clara and her friend Lilly, enjoyed Homecoming as 10th graders Saturday. 

As the shadows lengthened we marked the moment in front of the grape vine and farm house.

Clara with her CVCA mom and dad ;D

Monday, September 04, 2023

Big World News

vs. the daily grind through centuries:

Pope Francis Visit, Christian Church Growth

A circumspect article on the recent successive September visits of world-renown Christian leaders to Mongolia. 

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Lydia Leaving for Indiana

But first, celebrating Pop's 70th birthday!
At Bob Evans for brunch after church Sunday.

And dinner and cake around the table at the homestead.

Out to lunch with dad the day before she went back to Taylor University.

And saying goodbye to the fam the night before...

It's about 4 hours to Upland, Indiana.  She drove herself, and loves it!

First Day of School in Ohio

Josiah and Clara before their first day at CVCA.

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
The view from where we're staying about 25 minutes away.

Johanna Graduation Reception and College Departure

We were again gathered for a BFA graduate at Riverside's pavilion. 

It's an ideal place for a picnic.  Lots of folks joined after church.

As well as family from then area.
Uncle Rick, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kristin

Grateful for Johanna's hard work and development in high school.

She's now off to Calvin University in Michigan.
About 5 hours away from Grandma's house.
Renee drove her up there and stayed a few days.

Maggie Returns to Wheaton

Leaving Ohio and saying goodbye to Mom

Moving into her big house of 8 roommates on the edge of campus.

First floor resident Maggie 
is doing her student teaching on the other side of campus at a public elementary school.  

Settling into her room, she was excited for her roommate from freshman and sophomore year to be showing up soon to room with her again.