Saturday, February 04, 2023

Winter Season Scenes around UB

One of our coaches in the IMBA plays for Mongolian National University.
Josiah and I stopped in to see the first half of MJ's game this week.  We later found out they won by 70.

Josiah and I got stuck in traffic for about an hour and 1/2 on the way home.  
(Notice the smokestack of pollution? The flatbed truck the front of us is loaded with crates of vodka)

IMBA manager Byamba and American pro basketball player Jarron Crump at the Academy

Crump even had time to stop by and see some of Josiah's final ASU 5th grade basketball game!

IMBA Sees Pro Basketball Games at the New Arena!

We came to support number 12, who we met at Cornerstone Church of All Nations with his family.
Number 18 attended our Coaches Clinic in October.

American Jarron Crump signed autographs for IMBAcademy kids. 
We got this group photo with him.
There are usually at least two foreign players on each team, one allowed on the floor this year.
They also got autographs from this American from Detroit.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Winter not Quite Warm but Starting to Let up

This night at the ice sculptures was a pretty close second
coldest experience of the winter.  
We went out to a nearby KFC afterward.  It was even cold inside the restaurant.

The upshot is it's good weather for hot beverages.
And today and yesterday it seemed like winter would be coming to an end sometime next month or so.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Basketball Academy Bursting with Kids!

Our Academy now has 3 coaches and 46 kids! 

Here's the afternoon lesson in my first one back from vacation.

Warming up...

and getting to work!

Here's a short video of the teaching and drills in action...

Beginning the 2023 New Year in Ulaanbaatar

Some final Christmas presents were opened after returning from vacation.
Johanna made mugs for us in her pottery class in Germany.

Friday Morning was a new low in this year's temperatures so far.  We later saw -37 Fahrenheit, and winter is not over yet!
The heat is broken in the car I went to this Mongolian Alliance Church meeting in Friday morning, so my feet were freezing most of the rest of the work day.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Josiah School Winter Dance Concert

Josiah was selected to help MC to elementary concert with other 5th graders.

But that didn't spare him from the dance festivities.

Here are a couple shots of his group dance choreographed moves. 
(over other parent's smart-phone views)

Johanna and Clara Fly to Mongolia for Christmas

Josiah was glad to have them back at church and home.

Clara opens her necklace with her name written in Mongolian.

Renee in her new waRm winter hat ;D

Basketball Academy Christmas parties

Academy kids and coaches got IMBA water bottles for Christmas.

The morning branch got a pizza party.

And T-shirts too ;D

Coaches got personalized logo sweatsuits.

The afternoon branch got the food and gifts as well as an explanation of Christmas.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Mongolian Alliance Church Christmas Party

We represented Cornerstone Church of All Nations at the Mongolian
Alliance Church Christmas Party today.

These two basketball players from the Academy asked to mark the moment with their coach.

And here we are with their church pastor and Alliance president Lxavga Pastor.

There was entertainment, singing, dancing and contortionists! 
And a nice buffet meal for everyone made by one of our own church members!
Merry Christmas, and Peace on Earth.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving with Friends from Near and Far

Steve, Mary-Lynn, and Helen from church, and Amaraa with his wife and kids
all joined us for Thanksgiving lunch on Sunday.

The ladies made the final food preparations while some of us came home on snowy roads from Mongolian church.

There's the turkey and spread.  We cooked it breast-down this year, which made the white meat much more moist and tasty.

The grinch carved the roast beast.

And helped devour the delicious pies.

Alpha Course in the Books

We finished our Alpha Course with a Ham dinner on Thanksgiving Thursday.
The conversation was about how to be involved in church.

This is our table which interacted in English.

Pastor Lxavga's table conversed watched the videos in Mongolian.

This girl also sat at a Mongolian table and decided to follow Jesus.
To commemorate and nourish her new life, she was given this new study Bible.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Fall Black Forest Photos

Looks like the dorm wars were on with the nerf guns.

They get their grub on as well...Johanna and friends making pizza. 

Johanna and Clara getting out into the colors of the season...

and the timeless villages of Germany...
I think this one is Freiburg.