Saturday, September 18, 2021

Germany Photo Update from Johanna

Getting "Palmed" is a yearly rite of passage into the dorm.

American Food & Farewells

Any guess as to what restaurant this is taken in front of?  Answer on next post.

Soft serve is less prevalent in Mongolia.  How's this for small town USA?

Clara says farewell to her good friend Lily.

Josiah and Clara shuck corn for our Ohio grilled dinner.

COVID Delay Home and Schooling Scenes

Amazingly, Josiah's whole class went into remote the exact date that he was exposed and was asked to stay home from school.  
Which also happened to be the time that we were delayed from getting to his school in Mongolia.  So he was able to learn from home with all his CHCS pals and teacher these two weeks!  What a blessing!

Then we were so relieved after a week or so to see he tested negative on this rapid test.

Enjoying some nice farm food on the property for an American dinner, while we still live 3 miles from a Cracker Barrel.

Finishing up remote school this week, Josiah will turn in his Chrome Book on Monday before we (hopefully) fly out to Mongolia on Tuesday.  

Friday, September 10, 2021

Transitional Thoughts in Our COVID-Delayed Return

Josiah tested positive for COVID one day before we planned to return to Mongolia September 7th.  We hope to return after a two-week delay.  As we wait and try to figure out Clara and Josiah's school remotely, we remain in Ohio, in transition, and in-service to the King of kings, our Christ.  

These thoughts from our former teammates Ryan and Emily Currie really spoke to our position in transition.  I thought some readers might enjoy reading them as well.  We're all 'only passing through'...

When Missionaries Arrive by Ryan Currie

US Supports Mongolia with Pfizer Vaccine Donation

The United States donation of 188,370 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doses has arrived in Mongolia.  These donations through COVAX are part of that effort.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has provided more than $4 million in support to Mongolia, including USAID’s delivery of 50 high-quality ventilators in December 2020 and follow-on training needed to treat critically ill patients. These ventilators provided valuable medical support as Mongolia navigated through its unfortunate surge in cases this year. USAID also supports risk communication campaigns, infection prevention and control efforts in health facility and school settings, and vaccine distribution assistance.

In addition, the United States has provided critical medical equipment for more than 570 medical facilities and helped train nearly 12,700 healthcare workers to conduct outbreak surveillance, use and manage U.S. government-donated medical equipment, and deliver quality care for COVID-19 patients.

The United States, as Mongolia’s “third neighbour”, will continue to support the health and wellbeing of the Mongolian people.

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Maggie Connecting from Wheaton College

Maggie is now a sophomore. She served at camp to welcome freshman for two weeks in early August.  Now she is busier than ever settling into her class and work schedule.

We don't talk as much so far this year, so much more precious when we do!

Lydia Goes to College

It was about 93 degrees the afternoon we moved her into her dorm.
Thank God we remembered at the last minute to bring her a fan!

Then it was off to an international student reception dinner.

Who remembers having a swimming beach on your college campus?  Indiana is not all corn fields!

Saying goodbye was the hardest part, but we were grateful to be able to stay a day or two.  

Johanna Back in Germany for 11th Grade

Johanna got back to her school in time for a retreat for student government leaders.  Here they are in front of their school before the rest of the students return.  

And here she is with most of her dorm sisters in front of 'Palm'.
A few of them were delayed and had to return after school started.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Summer in USA Finishing Fun before Back to School and Mongolia

We went to the Akron Aeros game before Johanna goes back to Germany.

Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle joined the fun.

Josiah's friend from school invited him to go-carts!

Alas, Clara has already started school (Aug 16th!)
Here she is after getting off the bus.  Looks like she'll get 3 weeks of 8th grade in America this year before we return to Mongolia. 

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Lydia's BFA Graduation Party at Church Pavilion

Before Lydia leaves for college at Taylor University soon...

we squeezed into summer her graduation party from Black Forest Academy.

Complete with lunch, cake, lifelong friends...

and family...

and lots of guests...
and gifts...glory to God!

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Indiana Dunes National Park

On our way back from Chicago, we stopped off of I-90 to see the dunes.

...and Lake Michigan...

The water was fine and clear!

We could see the Chicago skyline across the lake.

Too bad Maggie had to miss it.  But she was on her way to Honey Rock, the Wheaton College Camp, on the lakes of Wisconsin. 

College Visits for Johanna

We started by seeing Lydia's place of study for this fall: Taylor University.

Then on to another good Christian Indiana school: Grace College

And since we were on our way to drop off Maggie at Wheaton College, we visited nearby Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. 

Dropping by a key place in the story of our family, where Renee and I spent time in AD 2000.
Also at Moody in Chicago.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lydia and Beulah Beach Birthday Party!

We went to Beulah Beach for the 100th Anniversary Bible and Missionary Conference.

But first we had to celebrate Lydia's 18th Birthday!

With friends from her school in Germany and church friends from Akron.

Hard to find a lighter to light the candles at a Bible Camp!  So Lydia makes believe to blow out her candle. 

But there were sparklers afterward to celebrate 100 years of worshiping God on the shores of Lake Erie.
His story of faithful love continues...