Tuesday, November 26, 2019

MBA Makes MNB News

Our partner coaches from the NRBA in Raleigh, NC helped train coaches for the Mongolian Basketball Academy.  We got to use the Men's National Champion College Team to demonstrate to about 30 coaches over 5 days. The coach of that team invited the Mongolian National Broadcasting channel to come and do a story. You can see (very small) footage of that story and interview with a brother who has built a basketball academy in another Asian country with 25 coaches and 400 kids.  Unfortunately the interview is only in Mongolian, but you get the idea.

Using basketball, we were also able to share the gospel.  One coach prayed to rededicate his life to Christ.  We look forward to working with many of them as we train kids in basketball and share with them a greater love even than the game.  "For the love of God and the game of Life"

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Church on Sunday

Our colleagues and I showed up for 11 am church a little late at 11:04.  But we were the first ones!
The phrase "Mongolians don't keep time", was running through my mind.

After a good sermon, and worship, we got word the pastor's wife prepared some meat to share.
It wasn't until the lady on my left said "pass the ohmas" that I started to question what kind of meat.  Turns out is was horse meat, and that's the local word for intestine.  It's not too bad, but a little tough.

We showed up for English church a little early to set up for Alpha announcements.  So the kids went out to discover this playground for the first time.

The city is growing up around this older building and set of toys, but it still works.

Then home for a Sunday night light dinner of Nachos!  
(Riddle Question:  What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you?)

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Josiah Joins Mom and Dad on Their Date

Since Clara was busy with a youth group activity on Saturday.
Josiah came with us on our date.  We all 3 enjoyed a visit to the Children's park.
 Good view from the Ferris wheel.
 And out the window of the play place.  It was nice and warm in there.
And a nice dinner after, (Can you guess where?) before picking up Clara.  

Fall Break Photos

Here they are with their dorm sisters on a trip to "Little Venice", over the Rhine, in France.

Enjoying Crepes in this little tourist town.  

And a picture of them with their resident advisor and a homemade pie.

And here they are forming the letters of the name of their dorm, can you read it?


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Inspirational Short Film

If you have 15 minutes, I recommend watching this when you need a little lift in Spirit.  It was filmed at their home in beautiful NW Montana.  Beauty in Life - In Between the Message and the Man

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Fall Party for Girls' Dorm

Lydia and Johanna with their dorm sisters at the themed fall party.
 In front of their dorm still in costume.
Maggie in a lab coat on the left side?

STEAM Class at EdIT Office

Our colleagues opened an Educational IT service to train kids in...
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math.  
There's Josiah on the right learning how to use a mouse and 'code'.  

Monday, October 14, 2019

Clara is 12 Years Old!

Twelve years ago this week, we carried Clara out of this Hospital in Ulaanbaatar.

Here are the healthy mother and daughter on our visit the her place of birth. 

And here they are with Josiah, celebrating with home-made cake...

 at the same apartment we took her home to when she was just one day old.