Thursday, October 15, 2020

Joseph Damase Bergevin DVM 1936-2020

Jeremy's Dad Joe died Monday morning at his group home near Seattle.
Here we are at his place in Shoreline, WA July 2019 before our return to Mongolia.
We are so glad to be back in America so that we can attend his burial services in Walla Walla, WA on November 7th, 2020.

Lova ya Dad, Grandpa, "Dr. B", JDB

Monday, October 12, 2020

Clara Turns 13

Happy Birthday to Clara!
Opening presents with cousins.
...and family...

And celebrating with a horse ride at the local Y...
...with her mother and brother.

Clara's horse "Sunshine" was a mustang.
Smaller, but still much bigger than a Mongolian horse. Happy Birthday Cowgirl!

Fall Fun

Josiah caught the first two fish on our recent outing.

But he might like school even better, and the carpool.

Here we are at the Akron Zoo.

The snow leopard is the star of the show.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

International Scenes

Lydia holds the flags of her two countries at opening ceremonies of her high school.  
Along with fellow seniors...
Welcoming the way for the rest of the school...
And in Mongolia, the Basketball Academy is back up and running
for the fall season.


Fall Scenes from the Family

Maggie in her room at Wheaton

Lydia playing games with dorm sisters...
Posing with her roommate for official dorm portraits...

Johanna with her dorm sister and roommate...
Is this a human braid or what?
Johanna with all her 10th grade dorm sisters...
Daddy sharing a bike ride with kids around the world...
Johanna is celebrated at her half-birthday party...


Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Lydia and Johanna back at Black Forest Academy!

    God answered their prayers to get them through airports and borders so they could start school on time!
Though roommates last year, here they are unpacking into separate rooms this year.  

About 18 dorm sisters gather around the table for dinner in the first few days back.

Dorm initiation involves getting 'palm' print emblazoned.  

The biggest blessing was that after a frustrating few days of remote learning with bad wifi shared between 20 students not to mention staff, Germany gave their school permission to attend school in person!  They made this decision after testing the whole school community, and finding NO COVID!

Thank God and thanks to those who prayed for our kids return to school this fall.  God answers prayer!

Maggie Started College!

Before taking her to college, we took a few pictures with Maggie in her BFA grad gear.  
Around the pond where we're staying...
And under the grapevine...
Here we are under Blanchard Hall, named after the the founder of the college, an abolitionist educator.
Lydia came with us as well as we prayer walked around the campus....
And here we are in front the campus of Wheaton College.
"For Christ and His Kingdom"

Friday, August 28, 2020

What to Do?

What do you do when school is starting but you can't get into the country where your kids' school is located?  

We had to answer this question quickly early this month as it become obvious we wouldn't be able to get back into Mongolia by September 1st, the traditional first day of school all over the country.  

So we started to reach out to our friends at the Chapel Hill Christian School.  That was where Renee and Maggie, Lydia, Johanna, and Clara attended while in Akron over the years.  It had been six years since we last had our kids in school there when we called Pastor Wilson.  His immediately response when we called was yes, we have room for Josiah in 3rd grade, at either location.  We were so grateful!

Calls to Renee's other alma mater on behalf of Clara were also received well.  We are so grateful to Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy for accepting Clara as a student on such short notice.  She had to miss the first week of school because we were scheduled to be out of town that week.  But she is there now and enjoying the start to 7th grade in the US.  Who knew?  God did.

Who knew something scary like COVID-19 could work out to be a blessing?  The kids are excited to get to attend these good Christian schools in their own country and culture for a time.  God is the master of taking that which is not good, and making something good or even better out of it.  

And God provides where He guides.  The schools were of course generous in their scholarship of two missionary kids, but they have bills to pay.  Ohio is a unique state in the union which has something called Ed Choice.  It basically operates like a charter school, but you don't have to go to a special school.  You can apply for your child's public dollars for education to be applied to a school of your choice.  Though the paperwork and application process is tedious, we are optimistic both kids will be approved.  

What a country!  What a state!  What a God!  What to do?  Trust and pray to him for everything you need.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Josiah's First Day of 3rd Grade

Last day of summer vacation, but still finding cool stuff outside.

Dressed and getting fueled up for the big day.  
Greeting the sunny day...
with Mom...
She likes her flower bush and loves her boy.  
Thank God for teachers and other everyday heroes.  

Monday, August 24, 2020

School Starting in Early August!

Since we couldn't get back to Mongolia, Clara started school at CVCA, her Mom's alma mater. 

Maggie readies for college with her new bike.  

One last game on the card table before summer is over.  

And frozen yogurt with family...
to say goodbye...
to Maggie, who is off to Wheaton!
On the way home we looked at Taylor University with Lydia
Then she and Johanna flew back to Germany for high school.
And then there were two, and beautiful evening sky.


Week at Lake Erie with Family