Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Phone Call Me Drunk

The other day the phone rang. It seemed the person couldn't understand what I was saying, and I couldn't understand who they wanted to talk to. I wasn't suprised to find out they'd called the wrong number...When I was trying to explain that fact, the caller assessed the situation, saying: "I think this guy's drunk", and hung up!

Not perhaps the most shining review of my language or accent. But by her assessment I'm assuming she at least thought I was Mongolian. After all she didn't call me a drunk foreigner.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Thailand Vacation Highlight

Thankful for a gettaway to sunny Thailand, here Renee and Lydia enjoy life from atop an elephant.
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Exotic Kiss

This character kissed Renee while we posed with him for a family photo.
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Elephant Safari

Our recent vacation in Thailand gave us this chance to ride elephants.
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Under Sea Trip

On our recent vacation, Johanna and Renee stand in a tunnel that goes through a huge fish tank at an aquarium.
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Maggie Loves Flowers

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