Thursday, September 11, 2014

Magic Potion

Today we went to the market to invite people to our first fall Celebrate Recovery meeting. We ended up at the place in the market where men spend the day shooting pool on dilapidated outdoor felt tables.  Most were curious what we were doing there.

Trying to explain the idea behind recovery, I used the following:

"If you could drink a potion that would make you never drink or smoke again, how much would that be worth?"  Talking people through how much money they drink per month, some estimated $100. That's a lot in a country where that's more than the monthly minimum wage.

Add to that freedom from tobacco and other vices, and they start to understand the value such a potion might have.  Then they learn it is free, but not really liquid, but invisible spirit.  (Not the kind of spirits they were just talking about)

I'm not sure the potion pitch will really bring people to the meeting.  At least maybe it would open their eyes to their need for the gospel a little bit.  Most of them asked right away anyway: "you mean Jesus?"  He is not a magic potion I know.

But think of how valuable He has proven to those who have been delivered from bondage.  How much money and pain has he saved you?