Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our TEAM from Bellevue Alliance

Chuck, Corey, and Zach lived through lots of cold showers and greasy Mongolian food in their 8 day stay in Bulgan. They remained healthy and forged new frienships along the way. Here they are with some of their students after a hike up slope of a dormant volcano, which is a destination for tourists. It was a good way to celebrate our week of Bible English Sports Training. God bless them all.
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Stand and Deliver

Chuck the coach cues his team as they recite what they've learned.
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BEST Students and Teachers

This year's English camp had the blessing of three fine English teachers from Bellevue, Ohio. Zach and Corey are themselves students, but served here as capable teachers, friends and conversation partners for our neighbor kids.

Chuck, who is a high school teacher and coach, brought these young men around the world to be a blessing to us and our neighborhood.

Because they came we got to know our neighbors more, some whom we had never met. And God got glory in new friendships, and in Mongolian children learning Bible verses and honing their English and sports skills.
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Bible English Sports Training

This years' English camp expanded to include Bible and Sports. Mornings were spend learning English and Bible. Afternoons were spent playing soccer, football, and basketball.

BEST week ended in a presention to their parents of all they had learned. We used our porch as a stage for them to sing and recite what they'd learned. Here they are reciting Mathew 24:14. "And this gospel of the kingdom will preached in the whole world, as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."
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Chuck and class

Chuck's class here had several advanced students who memorized whole passages of scripture and dialogues. Here they are leaning something of an American institution: Marshmallows.

I guess all that time as a High School Teacher and Soccer coach pays dividends in creative approaches to teaching.
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Corey and class

This was his star pupil Ernie. He earned a starring role in the presentation of scripture and songs for all the parents of participating kids.
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Zach and Class

This was one of the most challenging groups of kids, because their english level was as low as their energy level was high. Zach proved up to the challenge and transfered all that energy into English phrases, some of which were scripture. It all translates into glory for God.
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