Sunday, July 22, 2007

Celebrating in the Heat of Summer

This was taken at the national celebration called Naadam. We were trying to watch some wrestling, but everyone was so hot, we were mostly concentrating on eating something to cool or quench thirst. The sun is so intense here, going without a hat is inadvisable and nextdoor to miserable. So all our girls were in proper fashion, for a little bit, on a hot Darhan day in July.
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Job Site Living

Here's where workers sleep while working on the building in Bolgan. Just outside our Ger door is a nice 6 foot trench to fall in if you're not careful. This trench contains our septic line and tank, and is now partially completed and filled in. Now for a roof on that house!
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Summer Work

So we're moving to a town 3 hours away. All we have to do first is finish this house, so we have somewhere to stay. This is us, Jeremy and three guys from Darhan C&MA, after we finished pouring the foundation. (On a log home here, you assemble the logs on blocks, then put the foundation under the house -- a little different but it works)
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