Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Overhangai Provincial Capital and Southern Countryside

Chognam, Dawaa, Lxavga and Jeremy arrive at Overhangai Aimag Capital.
 Dawaa teaching Financial Peace lesson to government and community leaders there.
 Then we traveled south to the town of Togrog and conducted similar training there.
Here is a class of 6-8th graders hearing a one-hour lesson on character.
 At sunset on the way out of town, God painted a pretty sky.  Celebrate Recovery!
The night sky is amazingly lit with stars above this herdsman's home.  Can you see the big dipper?
Morning means everybody helps with chores, milking and handling the livestock.

Dawaa learns some animal husbandry.
Even their one year old son gets in on the fun!
The mom of the family handles the milking. Camels give 8-12 ounces/ each time.
Chores included roping horses to treat one and train another.
In another area, irrigation is starting to be used.  I believe this circle may be American made.

Gobi Sights, Scenes and a City

These two hills are a kind of Mongolian version of the pyramids, but smaller I think. 
 They are called "Lovely Pressed" loosely translated from the Mongolian.
Pastor Lxavga used to herd Camels, Goats, and Sheep here.  Now he shepherds Alliance churches.
Horse milk and other dairy was given to us every where we went.  
Meat was also plenty, it was like a 'moveable feast'.  Here a goat is being butchered.
Water for the stock come from well like this, some dug almost 100 years ago.
Herd of small sheep and a camel cross paths
This 360 degree panorama shows the flatness and expanse of the Gobi.
Camel's feet almost as long as mine! 
A rare bit of wood to burn on the fire.  Most fuel for the fire is from manures.
Finally out of the Gobi, we come to the provincial capital of Bayanhongor.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mongolian Christian Wedding

I went to a wedding this weekend between one of our CAMA Service workers and a leader in one of our churches.

It was unique because the ceremony was conducted in a Christian way, the first one I’ve really seen.

Most Mongolian ceremonies are still very traditional and non-verbal. This one was well planned and complete with a sermon on the meaning of marriage and traditional Christian vows and rings exchanged between the bride and groom.  It was a pleasure to see and celebrate together.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Running with Gratefulness

I took a run today, about 2 miles.  Those who know me know this is something to write home about.  Though I've always loved basketball, I've never enjoyed running for sport.

So I was lamenting lately that I don't like running, but its 'fun when you're done'.  That's an adage I picked up from a more avid exerciser family member.  Again today I was lamenting again as I ran how little I enjoy it, but was glad when I hit my goal.

As I was stretching and showering before work, and I remembered a man's leg we prayed for last week.  His wife attends one of our churches and asked if we would come pray for his leg which was broken almost a year ago.

We walked into his home and he was propped up in bed.  He showed us his x-rays.  He took the bed-covers off his legs and showed how his knee had zero flexibility.  So there he has sat for 11 months since falling on last October's snow on the hill behind his house.

Only about 60, his life quality and expectancy is not too bright if he can't get moving again.  For that he needs a healed leg and healthy knee.  We prayed and he with his wife expects he will one day get out of bed from this broken leg, still pictured in my head.

This was the vision I had when getting out of the shower today.  I can be grateful that I have two healthy legs to run on, even if running is not my favorite form of exercise.

That thought hit me hard enough to consider sharing it here, which I'm amazed I remembered to do.  Here's hoping this thought of thankfulness might help you too.

Makes me think of this scripture from Hebrews 12:1...

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us," 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Bobbsey Twins' Room to Play

Johanna and Clara recently got their hair cut the same 'bob' haircut.  So I started calling them Bobbsey twins.  Here they are wearing their matching 10,000 club t-shirts.
They are playing stuffed animals in their 'treehouse' bunk bed.  It's being especially enjoyed after rearranging their bedroom, getting new flooring and more room to play.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Starbucks Hits Town

Saw this sign yesterday at the local private hospital.  The price is just more than 1$.
The other item is offering Oxygen bubble cocktail for about 25 cents ;~}

Seasons Change

It's still summer in September, but fall weather is now cooler, especially at night.  That is having an effect on wardrobes like long pants and more formal church attire.

Here is Josiah with his friends Jimmy and Mergen after church on Sunday.