Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who Sent the Make Up?

This must have been taken recently after Maggie received a make up kit as a birthday gift.
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Pin the Dress on the Donk- I mean Barbie

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Aging Child

Well, we are now the parents of a six year old. Here's Maggie with one of the candles from her cake in her mouth (already extinguished).

We had a pretty good turn out to celebrate. One of our neighbors said she was going to give Maggie a bunny. I was pround of how she didn't show her dissappointment too much when the bunny turned out to be a giant stuffed animal instead of the live little furry version.

People stayed for cake, which allowed all the girls to get to stay up WAY past their bed time.

A fitting festive occasion for the blessing of a growing and energetic daughter.
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ground Thaw

We're grateful for a break in the cold. It's been warm enough lately fo the girls to play with their sand buckets lately.
We've even seen snow melting and liquid mud puddles emerge. Thankful for the little things.
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