Monday, October 31, 2016


You saw it here first....I'm making up a new word (at least to me).  I like to try to take stuff like Halloween back from the dark side.  I like how it used to be called All Hallows, or All Saints Eve, where Holy People who lived devoted to God were honored.  But I understand the night holiday has too many dark references to be celebrated as anything to do with the light for some.

So I offer this word which is a mix between Harvest Festival and All Saints Eve or Halloween: "Harvesteen" (after a quick search online, it looks like their are people with this as their surname, and some church named their fall festival by this "made up word").

Enough semantics; here's some pictures of our fall festivities....

Friday, October 21, 2016

Alliance World Fellowship

Close to 400 people from about 50 countries came to Thailand for the Quadrennial meeting of the Alliance Churches around the world.  
Our Mongolian brothers with believers from Africa above and the Middle East below.
Here they are with friends from southeast Asia
After all the great Word and worship, the group did some sightseeing at the king's summer palace.  
 Do our American Alliance people recognize the couple in this photo?
 They've got some skillful gardeners.  That's some royal creativity.
 "Luke and David" even got to ride an elephant, and an airplane.
To God be the glory!

Fall Birthdays

September and October bring birthdays for Jeremy and Clara.  She turned 9 years old this year!