Monday, April 23, 2007

Worth a Walk...With a Cane

On Sunday, outside the church yard gate, was a man I recognized on his way to church. He carried a cane and walked slowly. I didn't recall his name but remembered being in his house a couple times. I'd not seen him in church before. Maybe the 1.5 kilometer walk with a cane and a limp was the reason why. At just over 50 years old, he was probably the oldest man in church. He strained his eyes to see the words in the hymnal, but sang the words he could. His hand plunged his portion into the offering basket as it passed.

As we left, he was seated in the chruch yard seemingly glad that he came, perhaps contemplating the walk back home. Reflecting on this older brother, I am reminded that our Lord is worth worshipping, worth a walk. Even with all human fraility, even with a limp, and carrying an outward sign of infermity, the Lord of all is worth a walk. So what's stopping people with lower hurdles or less distances to cross - from approaching the throne of Jesus?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Long Time No Write

It's time to get something dow in the journal I guess.

The big news is that Renee's mom, sister and friend from Ohio were here for a two week visit. A good time was had by all I think. We didn't wear them out too much with seeing sights, as there just maybe aren't that many to see. But we had fun spending Easter together, and one night at a resort where guests sleep out in a Mongolian tent. Is was about 20 degrees and snowy outside, which was great. They give you a fire and wood inside your Ger, so you can keep warm, if you don't mind getting up in the night to stoke the fire.

Our new strategy for church growth is also developing. Several church members have begun new churches in houses of new believers. This territory is uncharted for most of us, and the enemy doesn't like it where souls are stolen away from his fire. But it was glorious to see five people receive the Christ's hope of heaven in a single week last month. Pray the momentum keeps up.

The girls are all healthy and school is coming along pretty well for Renee and Jeremy. There are days when it feels like we were designed to be here, like life makes more sense here. And there are still days when it doesn't. We thank God for friends, Mongolian and foreign. And we thank God that his people generously sacrifice some of what is given to them, so that we can have this front row seat to Christ's expanding Kingdom. We welcome your prayers to send God's Spirit ahead and beside us in the battle. We will also like to pray for you in your struggle too.