Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blessed Mongolia National Church Sports Tournament

Jeremy was asked to prepare and coach a basketball team from Darhan for this inaugural tournament.  Teams from churches across Mongolia entered teams in 5 sports from 27 provinces and districts.  Our Darhan team went undefeated until the final.  We were awarded the silver medal at the end of this three day tournament.

Celebrate Recovery Summer Camp

June 11-13 several of our CR volunteers attended camp organized by the Mongolia CR Network.  Testimonies and talks were given on the nuts and bolts and heart issues faced in this intense Christian 12-step ministry.  About 130 volunteers attended from all over Mongolia.  One of the farthest came about 1000 miles by public transportation on mostly dirt roads.  

It was cool during the days mostly and cold at night.  I slept in a ger with some other leaders.  We had to start a fire in the stove both nights.  The food was good and so was the fellowship.  Hiking the nature of the beautiful Tuul River valley was a highlight for me.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Josiah Turns Three

June 8th was worth the wait for the big 3.  Here's some views of the party to mark the occasion...

 Our little buckaroo led the cowboy clothes relay race, which the girls enjoyed too...

Josiah's Birthday Bike

Happy 3rd Birthday to Josiah!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Children's Day

One of the great things about Mongolia is the predictability of the yearly school calendar.

The first day of school is always September 1st.  The last is always June 1st.  They like to end the school year by celebrating the children.  Today is Children's Day.

Johanna and Lydia will participate in a concert arranged by their piano and horse-head fiddle teachers today at three.  Their classmates and parents will be in attendance.

Then usually the whole town of parents and kids and grandkids will flood the children's park, where there will be rides, and fun, balloons and such.  It's a pretty great day to be a kid in Mongolia.  Happy Children's Day!