Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Father's Day

It was a fun day going out to the river to cool off and play.

It ended with my favorite, apple pie, made by my beloved daughters, and enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cottonwoods in Bloom

Yesterday the cotton flew off the tree so fiercely from a wind storm, I tried to catch what appeared like a June snowstorm on my phone.  It would not have surprised me to see actual snow in June.  But the storm that followed the wind carried only rain this time.

Monday, June 06, 2016

American Country Music in Mongolia

Walking in a store today I had a strange experience.  It's rare to hear music from America in Mongolia.  When you do, it's usually hip-hop or rap, perhaps surprisingly to most.

But when I heard an American country/pop song today, I couldn't resist asking if it was the radio.  The store clerk said no, it was a song from her phone.  So then I asked, what's the name of the singer?  She couldn't say.  I was about to tell her, but then other people walked in.

So I thought I'd write it down here:  Taylor Swift might be proud to know her music is played by Mongolians as well.  Maybe she already knew that, you think?

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Children's Day

It's June 1st every year.  And it's great news for kids that it's the last day of school, and a nationwide party to celebrate children with candy, fun and games.  
But first, ours celebrated by playing their musical recital.  Here's Lydia on her  Horse-Head Fiddle duet, with her teacher and fellow student. 

They celebrate not only for getting candy, but that the recital on Children's Day means the end of lessons for the summer.

Johanna plays her song solo.
And gets her bag of candy and congratulations.
Clara played her piece first of all her sisters.
Maggie was a spectator this year, but greeted her sister's teacher at the end.
Here is Renee giving bags of treats to Cama employees who are parents school age kids.

Josiah bounces down this cool blowup play toy slide.
They even had boats in a blow up pool in the park.

Josiah couldn't wait to see 'Mickey and Minnie', and gave them big hugs.
Our recent CR Team from Florida brought toys to Mongolia which say "God's Kids" on the bottom.  They are made by a retired couple at Shell Point.