Friday, August 31, 2007


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Lydia's Painted Rock

Here's Lydia with a rock she painted as a craft during a week spent with the other kids of our team during field forum. The big kids helped the little ones. I think God designed it to work that way. And this week it really did!
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer Storm

Now I don't have pictures to prove this, but yesterday at the job site in Bolgan I saw snowflakes...on August 23rd. I was watching the cold rain, mesmerized by the 45 degree angle at which it was coming down in waves. Then if possible, the wind picked up even more, and I saw a few chunks of solid matter dancing through the air. Seems like winter is on the way.

C&MA in Mongolia Mission News Link
Check out this link to find out how you could get involved in God's work in Mongolia.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hand Dug Well

Here's a picture of Ganzorig about about 20 feet below. It took him and a team about a week to dig this hole. Then it had to be dig even deeper. They pumped and dug in waste deep water simultaneously to make the well about 5 feet deeper than this, before installing casing and an underground storage tank. It was a dirty muddy job.

Today the water comes out as clear as any tapwater, with similar water pressure powered by a small electric pump.
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Birthday Party for Lydia

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Lydia and Gang Eat Cake

Lydia turned 4 in July. Our middle child is growing so fast. Everyone had fun eating cake and playing water balloons on this hot day of her party.
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The Roof's On the House

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Ice Cream Fun

A new family has joined our team in Mongolia. They have even more kids than us. Here they are together having fun with popsicles outside a local restaurant.
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