Friday, August 31, 2007


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eduardo waghorn said...

Hello there!

Sailing in the blogosphere I found your interesting blog.
Mongol Uls...the magic and remote country...the land of the Great Genghis Khan's Empire:)
What are you doing so far, man?:))
Tell do people looks? Friendly? I have curiosity...
My dream is going there (Ulaan bataar...!) and know your wonderfull vaste territory...Get the peace inside me...

If you could say me some greeting in mongolese, I could feel very good, thank you...What about your own special scripture???

If you want, visit my blogs, you can use my translation on movilwagg, the principal one.
Warm greetings from Chile, Southamerica!!
Keep blogging...

Kacey said...

Hi Kids, I finally found the address of your blog! It was right there in your June Newsletter that I had saved in my e-mail files. Duh! I hope you got my e-mail earlier today. I think about your family so often and am praying that everything is going well with your house and the coming baby. Meanwhile, know that the people at Westgate are with you in spirit. The girls are adorable and are really getting big. Oh, yeah,---this is Kathy Cook.