Monday, March 24, 2008

Chef Lydia with Fresh Cookies

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thelains said...

Hello CHEF!!! what a cuttie...

PS- I tried scanning some cheese recipes didn't work so better luck today maybe... ;-)

thelains said...

So, I'm sitting here in my PJ's drinking tea and reading friend's blogs on google reader, my new favorite thing! Instead of reading the news in the newspaper every day(BORING!) I get to read news about my favorite friends!!! The pictures are much better too. Thank you for blogging! I love to hear about your happenings so I can be praying for you! May you be so blessed!
-Krista Lain
PS. where did you get the cookie sheet? We were told baking stuff is hard to the midst of packing...deciding whether to pack it, give it away or store it! We can't wait to meet you and your girls! Averi and Eli are excited to see your horses too!