Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ground Thaw

We're grateful for a break in the cold. It's been warm enough lately fo the girls to play with their sand buckets lately.
We've even seen snow melting and liquid mud puddles emerge. Thankful for the little things.
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Stacey Windover said...

Hi Jeremy, Renee & all 4 girls!
It is so wonderful to read your updates! Makes me miss you even more! Always lifting you up in prayer!
Even from Texas! xoxoxo

UncleJoeBergevinBrother said...

Hey Jer & Renee, and Maggie, and Lydia, and Johanna, and Clara! We really miss you all, and are aching for the day we can see the whole team again. All is well back here. Very fun to watch the kids grow. Call when you get time...Love, Joe, Katy, Charlotte and Chloe.

larry said...

nice sandbox...
sorry the cheese making recipes haven't come yet, but I will try to do that soon...much love