Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gobi Sights, Scenes and a City

These two hills are a kind of Mongolian version of the pyramids, but smaller I think. 
 They are called "Lovely Pressed" loosely translated from the Mongolian.
Pastor Lxavga used to herd Camels, Goats, and Sheep here.  Now he shepherds Alliance churches.
Horse milk and other dairy was given to us every where we went.  
Meat was also plenty, it was like a 'moveable feast'.  Here a goat is being butchered.
Water for the stock come from well like this, some dug almost 100 years ago.
Herd of small sheep and a camel cross paths
This 360 degree panorama shows the flatness and expanse of the Gobi.
Camel's feet almost as long as mine! 
A rare bit of wood to burn on the fire.  Most fuel for the fire is from manures.
Finally out of the Gobi, we come to the provincial capital of Bayanhongor.

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