Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Overhangai Provincial Capital and Southern Countryside

Chognam, Dawaa, Lxavga and Jeremy arrive at Overhangai Aimag Capital.
 Dawaa teaching Financial Peace lesson to government and community leaders there.
 Then we traveled south to the town of Togrog and conducted similar training there.
Here is a class of 6-8th graders hearing a one-hour lesson on character.
 At sunset on the way out of town, God painted a pretty sky.  Celebrate Recovery!
The night sky is amazingly lit with stars above this herdsman's home.  Can you see the big dipper?
Morning means everybody helps with chores, milking and handling the livestock.

Dawaa learns some animal husbandry.
Even their one year old son gets in on the fun!
The mom of the family handles the milking. Camels give 8-12 ounces/ each time.
Chores included roping horses to treat one and train another.
In another area, irrigation is starting to be used.  I believe this circle may be American made.

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