Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Popsicle Weather and Home Made Fur Mittens

The other day, Renee and I with Johanna wrapped like a pappoose in sheepskin and blankets, got on the taxi on the way to school. The cold is getting real here. But it evidently hadn't phased the guy who got on after us. He was carrying in bare hands a popsicle, and as the taxi started again he casually took a bite.

Today, an old man took off his gloves to pay for something at the store. They looked warm. I asked if I could look at them. He said yes proudly. They looked really warm and well made. Then I asked where he bought them. He pointed to his wife and said she made them. Then he asked where I came from. I told him America perhaps also proudly. Then he started speaking Russian to me. It struck me as funny.

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