Monday, April 03, 2006

Minivan and Mongolian Accent by Committee

Today Maggie and I rode an unusual Taxi. I didn't realize it was different until we were inside.

I realized the seats in this van were home-made so it seated more than the usual 20 or so people. (You might call them Minivans, like what you may have seen in the States in the early 90s. Here most of them are made by Korean companies like Hyundai)

I looked up and saw some German writing on the skylight above me. (German Language and Skylights do not come standard on Taxis) Also, I realized this thing was about a foot wider than a regular "Micro", which is what they call taxi-vans. So I'm curious about the vehicle....

Then I announce where we will be getting off. Blank stares and silence from the driver. They ask me what I said, I say the same thing louder. Then around 23 people say the word with proper again, either translating for the driver, or correcting my pronunciation. The driver helpfully points toward our destination as we get out, and walk away.

I looked at him behind the wheel of his strange van and remembered to check the front to see what make it was. There was the good old blue emblem of Detroit: Ford. It must have been made in Germany some decades ago. It was a memorable ride, that I thought you might enjoy.

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