Sunday, October 29, 2006

Horse Hors DeVours

I caught a whiff of the smell of horse in the air today. It's a pretty common smell since we see horse and carts everyday here. It’s pretty common to see people riding around on sidewalks or roads in town. The smell in the air today reminded me of something I ate last week.

I was walking out of our school and our principal was in the break room slicing up some cold cut meat for her lunch. She handed the plate our way and said in Mongolian: "Try some horse meat?" I was in a courageous mood and popped a piece in my mouth and walked out the door.

About half way home the flavor was still with me. It hung in my mouth like the smell of a sweat-lathered horse on a breezeless day. For me the smell is not all that bad, and even carries some good memories, when it remains in smell form.

But its parallel taste is not one I have yet grown to appreciate. I'm sure I'll get many more chances to acclimate to this Mongolian delicacy. Until then, I have no trouble remembering what it tastes like.

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