Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Johanna Speaks and Eats

When Johanna says something memorable, I usually suggest Renee should write it down.

This time I thought about taking my own advice. So, remembering that this journal is as much for us as for you, I want to record what may be Johanna's her first complete sentence.

We're at dinner, and she asks me for more of the tasty noodle dish called Tsoivang that we're eating. She hands in her empty bowl, we pass it back full, and go on to filling the next bowl:

"I need spoon", she clearly enunciates. I of course don't hear it, and ironically enough, I turn out to be the one who's holding it.

Renee turns and says to her: Did you just say"I need spoon"? Johanna happily answers, "Yes".

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