Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life Lighter - Prayer

Prayer night was eye-opening. Just people sitting on a floor talking about what matters most to them. More than this, it is people supporting each other in ways that trancends the fragile bands that characterize so many relationships.

One of the things I've been celebrating these days about Mongolia is how unpretentious a people they are, albeit sometimes stoic, but definately not an over-polite people.

So here comes a young man wanting to be prayed for, sits in a circle of 20 of his peers. A few of them put their hands on him and speak words of strenth, power, victory into his life. He believes but desperately needs help overcoming a destructive habit. The room comes alive with words of love and strenth. Eyes are closed, hearts and spirits are opened and changed, for only a minute, or perhaps for eternity.

Before going home, everyone stands and with eyes open, holds out their hand so someone across the circle, speaking words to the One who alone can change the heart. Hugs and heartfelt goodbyes indicate a warmth that no windy dark March night can cool. This is life in the light, one that runs on fuel that is free for the asking.

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