Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Table in our New Home

Well we looked all over for turkey, then high and low for chicken. Not finding either Renee turned to the canned chicken sent from the states, put it in a casserole with stuffing and all. Hot rolls, sweet potatoes, and even apple pie for dessert. Here's to being thankful for these and the One Gift Above All, and finding ourselves in His Loving Hands.
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plantgirl said...

Where does one send you a care package full of such lovely things like, you know, canned chicken? Does the new house have an address so we can send it direct, that would be great!?! Maybe Penny and Johanna, and Josh and Clara can be pen pals, since they are close in age. I can even find some friend's kids the same age as Maggie and Lydia too to include in the box. Nancy (Lee) Tancredi and Carrie Claypool are both in Columbus too, I'm sure they'd love to send you something and we could put it all together.

email me at and keep up with us at (it's a bit behind).

Melissa (Luker) Riederer