Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter's Coldest Days Haven't Froze Us Yet

Our thermometer is showing 25 degrees below 0 every morning. But when we get out in the car, it says it's -30 degrees. At night, the weather service says it's reaching -32 or -33 Celsius, which is only -27 or so Farenheit. Bulgan is historically warmer than other parts of Mongolia, which are reaching -40 this winter.

The good news is the days are getting longer, so the sun is helping to warm us more and more each day. Thank God for our in-floor heating system, we stay warm in bed all night. And wake to a house that isn't sub-zero. Putting your feet on the floor when getting up is a pleasure. Thanks to those who generously gave to make this possible. We are grateful!

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