Friday, August 15, 2008

One Horse Town

With our car broke down last month, we had to use our other means of transportation to get down to the fairgrounds for the big summer Naadam festival. It ended up being more festive, since Naadam like most gatherings here exults the horse as an icon of Mongolia's illustrious history and tradition. Horseback also proved almost as fast as motorized travel anyway...check out the traffic jam on the road behind the parade band crossing the bridge. Not quite 3 cars at a stop sign, but not much worse. That's probably the worst traffic this town will see until next year.
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thelains said...

So, are we seeing you guys this weekend? Camping? I heard a rumor...

plantgirl said...

Hey Renee, it's Melissa (Luker) Riederer. Please check out our blog for more details

our son Josh has cancer and we could use all the prayers we can get, especially ones all the way from mongolia!

Your daughters are just gorgeous and happy give them an extra big hug from me, sorry I have been terrible with email.


Anonymous said...

you are a brave man! God Bless you!