Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall's Shortening Days

Seems a lot of our conversations these days (when we can rise above the chatter of 4 youngsters) has to do with the future, and how our life will look a year from now back in America.  There's sure a lot of changes happening there now, with the election and economy up in the air.  Who knows?  Anyway we want to also be talking and praying about our life in Bulgan, and what that will look like after we come back here in July 201o.  We are conducting interviews with people here to try to determine ways we can be of service in the long run.  

In the short run, these October days are getting shorter. The grass is brown again.  The golden sun sank behind the south western mountain at 6 pm tonight.  As the days get shorter, it seems like the rest of our term here will fly by even faster.  We are excited about furlough, and especially now that we may have someone who wants to stay in our home while we're gone.

We're still seeing kids from this summer's camps, but with shortening days and schoolwork, there's less and less time for play outside.  It snowed today.  And our girls seem to be playing inside more and more as the crisp air blows through the dried brown plants in our yard.

Hoping to host a horde of fellow missionaries for Thanksgiving, most of them American.  Won't be able to fit them all in our house, so have enlisted neighbors to put up several families. We've already picked up some whole chickens (bought the store out of them) just in case we're not able to find turkey for the occasion.  Hoping it's enough to warm heart and soul till Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas and shortening, Renee made a batch of cookies today (on top of homeschooling 2 kids and watching Clara crawl all over the house).  So even as the days get shorter, there are still some sweet things about this season.  Blessed in Bulgan - in fall.

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy & Renee;
Greetings from Westgate, I see you will be coming back home next year, how fast time goes. Will we get to see the family while you are on in US?
Jack and Jo Hudson