Sunday, February 22, 2009

Milestone Day

This month two significant events occurred on the same day.

Clara took off walking with wild abandon.  She had been a reluctant toddler before getting on her shoes and tearing around everywhere.  Joining the bipeds opened her up to another venue for play.  She joined the ranks of the outside players and especially liked going back and forth over the melting snow on a sunny day.

That evening Maggie crossed into untrod territory as well.  She sat me down to hear her read a paragraph of Mongolian language, and didn't miss a word!  She's spoken Mongolian since she was three.  But now at age six she can read and write two languages.  And as always, her pronunciation is better than ours, so it gives her reading a certain flair that mine lacks.  It's a funny thing to admire your child, but I like it.


Sharon Thomas said...

What a day brighener your short blog was on this sunny Sunday morning in Missouri!

It is indeed a wonderful thing to admire your child. As another grandmother here at home, I rejoice with your family at Clara's first steps on the frozen Mongolian soil and in the very signicant accomplishment of Maggie being able to read, write, and speak in two languages at the age of six.

I share in your joy and pray for your family at home.

Sharon Thomas - Cinda's Mom

To store said...

Hello Renee and Jeremy!

It's nice to visit your blog. We think about you and pray for you! Thank you for a message we got on my sisters cell phone! We are doing good. Milking cows, being parents etc. I miss the Mongolians, the culture and the language. But the life here is easier, so we think we are at the right place now. I hope we can go back to Mongolia, but Gjermund is not ready to think about that yet, and for the whole family it's best to stay here a time without thinking about it. It will be at least two years before we are ready to go back, we think. We miss you and hope you are all well! Preparing for eating a lot of buuz the following days, maybe...?

I wrote something in Mongolian at our blog yesterday, so if you are interested in reading about our life here in Norway, you will understand it!

It's amazing to here about Maggie!

I should say hello to you from Gjermund!

Love from Kjersti