Friday, October 07, 2011

On the Job Drinking -- Drives you to Prayer

The more you live here, the more used you get to seeing people buy vodka at all hours in every store you go into....even in the early morning hours on their way to work.

This week Renee and I saw a man on the walking along at 9 am with his freshly purchased bottle. Yesterday morning I saw two men walking to work each drinking a big can of beer.

But even worse is smelling alcohol on the breath of people who work in public places, and offices.The hardest is having people who are trying to escape the demons of alcoholism, people you've come to know and love, show up to work late and smelling of liquor.

Life in this country is hard. Scarcity, poverty, and the power of sin can drive a man to drink, even a woman. Lately, a lady collecting bills came to our door with what smelled like paint-thinner on her breath. A man from the heat company showed up on official business. When he talked and all I understood is what he drank for breakfast.

I hope hardness and darkness here would drive people in another direction -- to their knees before the only One with the power, knowledge and presence to save and set free.

The only way that will happen is if we willingly lead the way and bend our knees to Jesus on their behalf for as long as it takes.

Today a worker came and confessed he fell off the wagon and was in no shape to work....

It's hard when you see it on the street, but it's much harder when its someone you know and are pulling for to escape the alcohol trap. There's only one way from here - forward on our knees.

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