Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Post

I think this is going to be kind of an open letter to the person out there that reads this blog.  Everyone else can sort of listen in if they ever check in.  First, thanks for reading.  Second, thanks for mentioning I haven't updated since the last time you read.  That lets me know you care enough to check back for new info.

I just changed the way my home page opens when I open my internet browser. One of the icons sitting there to be opened was a big B for Blogger.  So here I am blogging.

It's pretty encouraging to have Pastor Roy and Donna visiting here from Pennsylvania.  To be able to see what we do and hear and what God is doing through fresh eyes, is a breath of fresh air.  They visited the three projects here at the center today and were impressed.  We had lunch with the whole staff.  After we talked about further education, training and leadership, but mostly about relationship.  I thought this was going to be a long blog.

But my coworker at the CR Center just came in and reminded me about our step study we lead at 4pm.  That's one minute from now.

Other events in my day included a long talk with a Mongolian pastor we work with, seeing a former employee in our CR Center who I had to fire last fall.  Taking the rice-maker back to the Bible school, running Roy and Donna back to their hotel.

Maggie and Anika came into the center a few minutes ago and I hear their guitar lesson from here with our Mongolian CR Center worker named Bathuyaga.  It's good to blog now and then.  I hope this little web log shed a little light on all of us.  I'm late for a step study by 2 minutes.  But in Mongolia, I still have time to be early.  Good day.

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