Wednesday, February 03, 2016

One Step Forward...

If you were to read our blog or newsletters, you might wrongly understand that the kingdom is always advancing, never receding or retreating.  That would be incorrect.

We who stand for God's truth must not only present His truth when things go well.  We can also be honest with God and His people when things fall apart.

Cama reaches out to visit area prisons with Celebrate Recovery and other services.  When some were released late last year, we saw one of them join CR, our church and become a fixture around the center.  So much so we had to explain that we are an office that can't be interrupted at increasing intervals with smalltalk and requests for help.  Especially when the person was put into jail for attacking a person who stopped giving him money.

So this week Cama workers met to interview and hire a new employee.  When our newly freed friend and constant presence at the center did not get the job, he appeared drunk and angry.  We urged him gently to leave and not start any conversations in his current state.

But he insisted and resisted on an emotional tirade, ending in the Mongolian men having to physically remove him from the the premises.  He even called by phone afterward to try to continue his argument.  We had told him earlier when he was sober that he was not going to be hired because of a temper issue that had surfaced with church leaders.

So this appears to by a One Step Forward, Two Steps Back moment in the life of one Mongolian in need of redemption, and in the mission of the church and mission.

Let us hope that this parting of ways will be a learning experience for all involved.  And may God, in his wisdom and power, turn this toward good and growth for his kingdom.

"Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

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