Monday, April 04, 2016

Open Door? Not Me!

Many Mongolians are not as open to us as they used to be.  So when a man approached me in a military uniform on the playground last week saying 'hello', I was surprised.

After some chit-chat, some in English, and mostly in Mongolian, he asked what I did.  I gave him my card, which explains what I said: "I offer people a way out of addiction."

He immediately gave me the card back and said, "I sometimes drink", indicating a general tendency and a possibly that he had been drinking recently.  I offered for him to keep the card for later.  It explains when, where and why we meet at Celebrate Recovery.

But he gave it back, indicating he didn't need help.  It was amazing because we all struggle with admitting we need help, or that anything is wrong with us.

Human nature is the same on both sides of the world, and this chance conversation.

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