Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Russian Words

Mongolia was basically occupied/built up by Russia for about 70 years. For example, the building we live in, and all the other Apartment buildings that look exactly like it all over town, was built by Russian military. Architecture is not the only thing the Russians built here. Because of their influence there are many words that we can easily recognize as similar to english. It doesn't matter if it is Minute or Second, Machine or Taxi, Meter or Allergy (with a Ga sound). Computer or Medicine Capsule, they are all spelled and known as "Russian Words"

This week I walked into a store and was pretty sure what I was looking for had a "Russian" name. "Man Aize" I carefully said with my best Russian accent. Blank stare from the clerk. "Mai Own Aze" I said again and again, and then finally walked out of the store concluding that I must be mistaken about the word being the same as English. Walked into school and asked my teacher in frustration: "How do you say mayonaise in Mongolian?" She replied by saying with the same pronunciation you or I would in an American store: "Mayonaise". That day I ate my tuna with cheese instead, and learned that sometimes the language is simpler than it seems.

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plantgirl said...

Hello Renee and family! What a wonderful experence you all are having! Andy and I also greatly enjoyed living overseas in Singapore and would have stayed if we could. I am delighted to have found your journal through the CVCA alumni letter and have enjoyed catching up on your experience! I also have a blog here to keep grandparents and family up to date on my little one's activities that you can take a look at when you have the spare time! I look forward to your next installment, and Renee you can be as lengthy as you like, I enjoy it!

always "your neighbor"
(your fellow co-founder of fomru)