Friday, August 11, 2006

Maggie Rides the Tallest Mongolian Horse We've Yet Seen

We took a short trip to the countryside today with some friends. They directed us on dirt roads about 30 miles from Darhan to this place. The family we visited had a tractor, jeep, 8x10 building, and a small Mongolian Ger with a tall TV antenna alongside a solar panel. But they're real wealth was the herd of horses that stood in the nearby river. We rode through a sea of Mosquitoes to get a close look at about 40 head, none near as tall as this one.
Inside they're Ger we drank horse milk while a cheezy Korean soap opera with Mongolian translation hummed on the TV. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi B Family,
I finally took the time to read your blogspot. What a blessing to see the photos of all of you!!! The girls have grown so much, and I'm sure their parents have also, in a different way. We have had a pretty good summer. We all 4 went to New Orleans to work on hurricane relief. It was a moving experience. The little we did brought so many thanks from residents there. We are ready to go back again. Then Shannon, Ian and I delivered Rebecca Pittman to her new home in Irmo, South Carolina. We spent a couple of days there. Shannon then went to NYC with Sr. Hi. to work in inner city ministries. She was very blessed. Now we just await the start of another school year. The new wing at Westgate is almost completed. I'm sure someone will be sending photos to you. Everyone has been very accomodating with all the squishing together we've had to do during renovation and building. We worked at the VBS called "Surfin' Safari" in July. Shannon was with 3-yr-olds (what else?), Ian helped with crafts and I helped prepare and serve snacks (food seems to be a natural for me). We'll probably use this program if/when we go to New Orleans next summer.
We want you to know we pray for you all each night. We love you!
Blessings, The Farley Family
Christine, Dave, Shannon and Ian

Anonymous said...

We got a kick out of your line, "cheezy Korean soap opera." I know what you mean!! Stuart and my Korean teacher say they are all alike. One guy likes a girl, but she likes another guy. It is funny, but all their shows are the same. I "watch" them while I am cleaning house, hoping that the Korean will just fill my brain and finally come correctly out of my mouth!!

Glad to hear that you have finished language class. We still think and pray for you daily. Not only is your picture on our missionary board, but we pass the Mongolian embassy every day. God bless you all.

The Songs

ma & pa B said...

Maggie, You look so grown up on that horse! We love you. Keep growing in Jesus!
Love Grandma & Grandpa