Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mongolian Wedding

Today we were invited to witness a Mongolian wedding. The bride and groom here are about to enter their brand new Ger! Just afterward, the new bride lit the fire in the shiny black stove. Fire is symbolic for health, hospitality, and is close to the Mongolian heart.
Treats were passed around to all the seated guests. Then the drinks came. First hot milk tea. Then fermented horse milk. Then a kind of clear alcohol drink made by fermenting milk and distilling it. Then the plain old bottled vodka.
Gifts and singing came next. Not sure how long the party goes, but it started at 1pm on a Tuesday. Cheers to the new bride and groom! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

That's great you guys are being invited to stuff like this. You appear to be doing remarkably well building bridges to people's hearts. Passing around the "plain old bottled vodka" reminds me of a night in college back in the day. -- Smokey Bones

Kelly said...

That's neat you were able to see a wedding! My brother was married in Mongolia (to a Mongolian) so we were able to "see" his wedding through pictures and video--they left out Vodka though ;)