Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Election Days

Mongolia is alive with election fever.  Each party has their own flag, and they are FLYING!  Loudspeakers are blaring the benefits of their party, most of which are promising cash dividends the citizens if they are voted into power.  Like the promise of a tax break in America I suppose, one party says they will deliver 1000 dollars to every citizen from the precious metals and ores being mined in Mongolia.  I seriously doubt this will happen, but people talk to me about it like it's really going to happen.  So I guess these tactics work.  

A guy came by today and tried to give us a book on his candidate.  He's not the first Mongolian to ask if we'll be voting in the election.  I told him like I usually do that I don't think they'll want non-citizens joining in the process.  That seemed to satisfy him.  

The one good thing from this campaigning activity is that guys like him are probably getting paid.  In a country where work is scarce the pandemonium of electioneering is actually profitable for the people, no matter if those campaign promises pan or piddle out.

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