Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Got it Good

"There has been no sacrifice.  I have only received" - Hudson Taylor, Pioneer Missionary to Inland China in the 1800s.

There are times when the above statement really rings true for me.  We've got it good.  With the recent blessing of multiple days of rainfall in a row, you become really thankful to have a roof over your head.  Hearing that beautiful pitter patter of rain again tonight on our metal roof while I sat on our porch with a great book, and looking out at the space we have been planted, gratefulness breathed upon me.  

In contrast, my neighbor Otgoo had been living in a Ger (round tent) while he built his house. He got the frame up last summer.  This spring he was just getting the rafters started, and the owner of the tent he was living in said he needed it, showed up the next day, took the tent down and left. All his furniture was left just as it was before in a tidy little circle, but his home was missing around it. Looked like a tornado just raptured their Ger. It was like the most cruel version of eviction.  In stead of throwing the person and stuff out, they just skinned the house off the stuff.  So he had to move all his stuff into his unroofed house. Fortunately since then, he got the roof on.  But with all this rain, his stuff may still have some drying out to do.  Did I mention he has a 4 month old baby?  Thank God they have an apartment to stay in for a while yet.  Did I mention Mongolians are tough, and patient?  They are in the old english term, long- suffering.  

Nevertheless I think Otgoo would say he has it good too.

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