Monday, November 09, 2015

Act of Grace

Yesterday we heard word that the stores had cleared out all their alcohol of their shelves.

This morning I came into work to hear that 40 local prisoners were granted their freedom over the weekend.  As I was writing this, I got an email that nationwide, over 2000 prisoners have been set free from prison by a special act of grace from the president.

We were excited to hear from one guy who was a Celebrate Recovery participant at meetings at our local Darhan prison.  Then a little later a guy walked into the project center speaking English.  I sort of recognized him, but didn't know from where.   When he took off hit hat, I could recognize him easier with his shaven head.  It was Boya, a 20 year old I had in my CR support circles at the local prison.  CR Teacher Togsoo discovered a need for some clothes to wear, though Boya does luckily to have a place to stay.

We are wondering and wanting to pray for how this Act of Grace in these prisoners lives can be used to further our work as "Hands to a hurting world".  Wouldn't it be great to be able to see some of these lives set free to find Forever Freedom?  It starts with meeting immediate needs like food, clothes, shelter.  Pray we are enabled to meet the challenge.

Oh, why was the alcohol cleared off the shelves in the stores?  It was ordered to coincide with this presidential clemency.  They wanted to give the prisoners the best possible chance at a new life.  I heard that last time many of the repeat offenders first wrong move was taking a drink.  Let's hope Cama services and CR can help keep some off that road.

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