Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back Inside

Today we went back inside our local prison to serve and offer hope through Jesus.  This was the first time since the summer break, and changes in the Mongolian penal system.

Last week's post was about an act of grace letting people out of prison.  I'm pleased to report about Boya, the prisoner who came to Cama last week.  He got some help here with various needs, came to CR on Friday night, was in church on Sunday, and has been here both days so far this week!  He's looking for work and is following leads.

Rebuilding your life from nothing is not easy, materially or psychologically.  The look of fear in his face sometimes is enough to break you.  It makes you understand how some prisoners don't make it long before they end up back inside.  Pray for him.

The good news is that we were back in the prison today with CR and Boya was not there.  In fact, he came into my office after we had gotten back and asked me how many prisoners were there, and did I know any of them?  Not many, only about 4 of 5 did I recognize.  I'm hoping that some who have heard the gospel of Christ, and followed some of the CR steps are finding freedom outside like Boya.  May God grant many the grace to follow Him, and discover how deeply they are loved and valued by their Creator.

Today many prisoners took the first step to rebuilding their lives, by giving them to Jesus.  Our pastor friend led about 30 prisoners to pray to receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life from Jesus Christ.  May God begin to grow them inside, so that they become strong enough to prosper and someday rebuild their lives on outside of prison walls.              

Pray they won't have to ever go back inside prison again.  Unless, God willing, they one day wish to join our team of prison ministers and go 'Back Inside' to set others free.

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