Thursday, May 05, 2016

Chilly Cinco de Mayo

May 5th began for us seeing icicles on our balcony.  Yesterday it started snowing.  As the sleet and wind descended it froze to the sidewalk.  Losing traction on the way to the taxi, it was if I was walking up a a glacier in my tennis shoes, but this sidewalk is perfectly level. That's how strong the wind was blowing. I wondered if I looked like I was 'moonwalking' past other people's apartment windows.

Today the workers at Cama feel like icicles inside. We're all wearing our coats and drinking hot beverages trying to stay warm. The heat is shut off at office buildings in early May every year regardless of weather. So even though snow can be seen outside, we have no heat inside. This is why even though two days ago I was outside after 8pm wearing shorts and a t-shirt, we usually try not to put our sweaters away until June.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.  We're a long way from Mexico.  But it could be 70 degrees tomorrow, even in Mongolia.

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