Friday, May 13, 2016

My Aching Back

Not to complain, but my back has been bothering me for almost a year.  I first noticed it impeding my work on a long ministry trip to eastern Mongolia last summer.

So when I was unable to go on a scheduled similar trip this spring, my Mongolia brother insisted I get it looked at.  He took me to the hospital Wednesday to get me a hot clay treatment.  But it wasn't that simple.

We showed up at 7:45am at the hospital.  We parked a few feet from the door, for free of course.  But when we got in the door, more than 100 people were lined up to register for service.  My brother Dawaa, acting as my advocate, whisked me past the line and up the stairs to try to find a doctor that we know.  The halls were packed with people upstairs too.

The cleaner lady was a believer lady we've known a long time.  She directed us to the doctor we know, who participates in one of our saving groups of Financial Freedom.  The doctor we know called another doctor.  They examined my back, and quickly wrote about 4 different directives on a piece of paper.  Number one was the X-ray department.

We had to wait about 30 minutes to get an x-ray that took 30 seconds.  They quickly excused us saying they saw nothing wrong with skeletal system.

Next was electolosis type of therapy to try to shock the nerves in the side of my back.  I started seeing spots, and they said they should stop, sent me down the hall to check my blood pressure.  It was 110, so they sent me to the next item on the list.

The Physical therapy room also had a line, so I went down to the pharmacy to buy the 4 medicines they prescribed.  I told the Pharmacist we already had tylenol and ibuprofin, so she sold me only two items, topical cream and some other nerve-specific analgesic.

When I got back, they were ready for me in the physical therapy room.  She took me through about 8 exercises in about 20 minutes and sent me on my way with directions to do them every day.

We walked back out toward the door we came in.  I felt much better I had to admit.  My back didn't hurt much at all when I got in the car and drove home, about two hours later.

The only think that cost any money was the pills and cream, a total of 14$.  This is without insurance subsidy, not a co-pay.  All the other hospital services we free of charge.

My back is feeling better, and so is my mind.  I'm keeping up with the therapy and trusting  God for complete healing.  The other part of my therapy is exercise.  The therapist told me to get all I can.  So I played basketball two evenings this week and rode my bike to work.

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