Friday, March 31, 2017

Loving Ministry and Life

On my way to help teach kids about basketball and life today, I saw a lady walking with a cane.  It made me thankful to be healthy enough to run around the court and coach.  Today my own kids had a day off school, and so came to practice and played with the boys.  I don't have any pictures of that since I was out there with them.  Maggie and Lydia held their own with the guys.  I was proud of them for that and fighting through some understandable shyness. 

I love this game.  And I love serving on a team of coaches training and reaching a new generation of guys with true life. Here's a picture from the previous week:  Our colleague and local pastor friend came to teach on the topic of faith. 

Below is our church service from last Sunday.  Our Alliance National President was in town so preached the sermon. 

Josiah gets a good bit of time at home this year.  But he's starting to realize it will soon end with Kindergarten on the schedule for next year in America.  Here's where he goes to hide or get some alone time when he needs it.

On a recent visit to our friend's dairy farm, Josiah and his friends each rode a calf or three.

Even more fun than that was this big pile of dirt they played in for hours. 

Like the dirt he tracked into the car since it was all in his clothes, life like ministry can be messy.  It's nice to have days like these to reflect, and be thankful for all we have.  Getting a break from all the problems of life, love and ministry are all part of one organic gift I'm grateful for.

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