Friday, November 07, 2008

Mongol (The 2007) Movie

Has anyone out there seen the movie called Mongol, that was released last year?  

Looking for reaction and recommendation as to whether it's worth seeing/buying.



Bernie said...

Watched it! Definitely recommend it. Just make sure that when you buy it that it's not a Russian dubbed version. It was not possible to hear the Mongolian in the one I watched - it was in Mongolian, overdubbed in Russian with English subtitles.

Anonymous said...

I don't recommend it for historical accuracy, but maybe you could watch it for pretty pictures. There was an article in one of the Mongolian newspapers (I can't remember which one) about how the movie took great liberties and completely fabricated many events. See another review at
"From what I've read and the clips I've seen on youtube, there are some SERIOUS innaccuracies with this film. Some falling in line with Russian or Chinese propaganda, others just poor cultural knowledge. The main story of this film is an unfounded story of Chinggis Khaan being a slave to a Chinese merchant and his wife sleeping with the merchant to gain Chinggis' freedom, and that Chinggis Khaan's second son was actually Chinese. In the battle scenes, they have some tactical errors like having the vanguard engage in close combat rather than strafe with arrow fire, and the archers don't use the Mongol thumb draw."