Sunday, November 02, 2008

My New Kazak-Mongol Friend

I didn't believe this guy when he told me he was Kazak. I should have known by his name, Salinbaba. But he'd been passing around the bottle with his pals and I thought he was joshing me. After I went outside to the car, I was told he really was Kazak, and came back in to get thisi picture. Maybe I was thrown by his language. They speak Mongolian perfectly, which makes me jealous. But then three days later when I met him again, I heard his speaking Kazak to some people who looked Mongolian to me. But then they spoke back in some language I couldn't understand. These Kazak-Mongols I spoke with seemed interesting people. Who would have thought knowing Mongolian would make it possible to befriend Kazak people?
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